Hangzhou Tourism Appears at the 56th ICCA Congress Successfully

Secondly, taking advantage of the G20 summit at the end of last year, Hangzhou Tourism Commission strongly launched the first conference destination brand –  “Summit in Hangzhou Inspiring New Connections in China. With the rapid development of Hangzhou’s MICE sector, executives and employees across the sector have accumulated a wealth of experience and significantly improved the quality of services. In order to further exhibit Hangzhou’s advantages as a MICE destination and showcase the city’s unique characteristics, the Hangzhou Tourism Commission has launched a round of promotions for 2017, enabling domestic and foreign meeting organizers to discover the city’s charm and see more possibilities for their events in the city.                                              

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Hangzhou G20 Summit, The global promotion campaign for “Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections” was held in Hangzhou on September 20th global Conference purchasers and leading China conference organizers in attendance, and giving them an opportunity to experience the full array of Hangzhou’s rich MICE resources. This was achieved through a combination of interactive experiences and visits to sites that would bring event attendees in contact with Hangzhou’s unique local features, among them, the China National Silk Museum, cruises on West Lake, tea-picking in Longjing Village and yacht racing.

Meanwhile, Hangzhou Tourism Commission, for the first time, ran an “overseas” event in parallel in Paris, France, at which they set up at various high-traffic locations within the city, the Hangzhou Reception Room and the Hangzhou Mobile Conference Room. At these places, European-based conference organizers were able to know more about Chinese culture and lifestyle.

Paris was chosen for this simultaneous event as the city and consistently holds the ranking as the number one MICE destination according to the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA). Several events were conducted that allowed attendees in Hangzhou to communicate and interact with their counterparts in Paris. At the end of the campaign, a banquet and sharing session was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center, the main venue of the G20 summit. At the meeting, conference organizers from several countries had in-depth exchanges with executives from local companies in Hangzhou. Many of the organizers expressed their intent to choose Hangzhou as the destination for one of their future events.

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