Hangzhou Tourism Appears at the 56th ICCA Congress Successfully

Cycling in Hangzhou has become a relaxed, convenient and green way to travel. Before sharing bicycles became popular in China, Hangzhou public bicycles dubbed as the “little red one” is an attractive site. In June 11th this year, Hangzhou public bicycle service project won the award of “2017 Ashton transportation sustainable development project”. The conference organizers specially experience the bicycle tour of Hangzhou this time, is to take the opportunity to convey to the world advocate the concept of environmental protection.

The event of “Meeting Poetry In Hangzhou” meaningfully contributes to the city becoming a top international MICE destination. Hangzhou’s MICE sector is expected to continue attracting wide attention globally and become the destination of choice for more international meeting organizers.

In addition, in the year of 2017, Hangzhou held the three session of Conference and Incentive Travel Industry Fair, Hangzhou (China), set up the quality platform of resources exhibition and MICE destination promotion, 918 conferences were introduced, achieved the 547 million Yuan of meeting consumption; more than 220 batches of enterprises and 28 times of domestic and foreign professional MICE exhibition were organized, and to build a broader platform for enterprise marketing; invited more than 20 batches of over 700 meeting professional buyers to visit Hangzhou for familiarization tour, and experience featured MICE resources; Hangzhou has achieved very impressive performance this year.

Hangzhou has ranked third on the list of global conference destinations, released by ICCA for 5 consecutive years (2011-2015), only second to Beijing and Shanghai, and ranked among the global top 100 in 2015. At the same time, Hangzhou has already been awarded the “top 10 glamorous conference destinations”, “Annual best MICE city of mainland China“, “Annual best MICE destination”, and “China most creative international MICE destination”.

The Hangzhou incentive tourism brochure” and “Hangzhou MICE Handbook” and Hangzhou MICE promotional video; established a domestic and overseas media promotion platform on Weibo, WeChat, website and LinkedIn.

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