Hangzhou Tourism Appears at the 56th ICCA Congress Successfully

Thirdly, the MICE sector in Hangzhou has also taken a leading position among China’s second tier cities over recent years.

As part of this initiative, the city government set up the Hangzhou International Meeting Bidding Service Center in June this year. The organization will, in collaboration with local companies, organizations and convention ambassadors, provide bidding services for international association conferences and other meetings. The establishment of the center is expected to strongly boost Hangzhou’s MICE sector in its ability to win more conference bids, especially bids for international events.

While developing and promoting the internationalization of the conference industry, the cooperation with the trade associations or institutions has also become an opportunity for Hangzhou to further develop the urban economy, improve the urban environment, and generate more cross-border exchanges.

The Qiandao Lake project was launched in 2016. Qiandao Lake is the largest artificial freshwater lake in China. As a strategic reserve water source for the Yangtze River Delta, Qiandao Lake provides drinking water for nearly 10 million people. The national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the introduction of World Bank loans in Zhejiang aims to build Qiandao Lake into a national success.

The Nature Conservancy Association (TNC) combines a number of enterprise partners, such as Alibaba, Wanxiang Trust to establish a Qiandao Lake project fund for promoting the ecological industry while protecting the river basin, and continuously searching for a long-term innovation model for agricultural pollution control in the river basin.  

Until now, Hangzhou has promoted the MICE brand well, and hopes to further develop the brand for a broader global perspective to explore new product values, improve new service content, and let the world discover Hangzhou.

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